Things To Bring

Personal Bible
Bath Towels
Laundry Detergent
Clothes Hangers
Socks &Shoes
Picture ID
Instant Coffee Only (Optional) – Coffee Cup
Fishing equipment (Optional)
Sheets, Pillow & Case, Blanket (Twin)
Personal Hygiene Items
Casual Clothes (Seasonal)
Spiral Notebook (In-House Clients)
Pen & Highlighter (In-House Clients) 3 Ring Binder
Social Security Card

Things Not To Bring

Radio, Tape Player
Cell Phone / Pagers
Sleeveless Shirts Tank Tops
Printed Shirts with Rock’n Roll / Alcohol/Drugs
Books / Magazines
Body Piercing
Video Games
Tapes / CD’s
Pocket Knives
Box fans
Musical Instruments
No Baggy Pants