About Us

Rapha Ministries, Inc. began August 1, 1997 as a calling from God. Steve and Marilyn Yarbrough founded the faith based ministry to help men who struggle with alcohol/drug addiction, unhealthy relationships, co-dependents, unmanageable anger and loneliness.

The 10+ acres and facilities that comprise Rapha Ministries is one of the few long-term residential programs in the State of Alabama. Long-term is defined as a 6-month to 1-year in-house program.

Rapha Treatment Center is a Faith Based – State Certified facility.  This means we use Christian counselors professionally trained to deliver substance abuse treatment using evidenced based intervention practices in a wholesome Christian environment.

Rapha began with 1 employee and now has 3 full-time employees, 2 part-time employees, 10 dedicated volunteers, and a 9 member Board of Directors.

Since 1997, the Rapha Ministries has had a desire to be a positive influence on our community. This is achieved by patronizing local business and supporting local activities. However, the most positive impact we see is giving men a chance to become responsible citizens who can return to society and care for themselves and their families.

Our staff monitors and assists in collecting court fines, court cost and restitution fees. This increase in justice funds benefits the community and reduces the workload on the court staff.

Our goal is to help the individual and the community.